Pella® Window and Door Installation – Expertise You Can Trust

You can expect Pella's expert installers to do a professional job and leave you satisfied with a job well done

You’ve chosen your replacement windows or doors. Now comes the second part of the process: installation. Pella’s engineering experts have designed exclusive installation methods that verify their success year after year. Pella professionals have the best expertise installing Pella windows – so when you have a Pella Expert Installer from our Lewes showroom replace your windows or door, you’ll know you have the best person on the job.

The Installation: Our process

Properly measuring your openings is critical to the operational effectiveness and energy efficiency of your windows. Measuring must be exact to create a precise fit.

Removing your old windows is a step that needs to be done properly to avoid damaging your home’s walls. Our Lewes Pella Showroom installation professionals will haul away your old windows or door for free.

Ensuring a weathertight fit will prevent air and water from getting in. Pella’s experts take special care to ensure your window or door is level and square in the opening. We’ll also install insulation between your window or door and the wall and will seal the product to the wall to prevent the elements from entering your home.

Cleaning up is key. Pella professionals will check each window for proper installation. Upon finishing, we will clean up the work area, vacuum and demonstrate how to operate and take care of your new Pella windows or door.

When you choose replacement by our Lewes Showroom, you’ll experience superior customer service, clean and careful experts and peace of mind knowing that your installation was completed by Pella’s best.